• We require non-refundable deposits for all bookings. To reserve a wedding day we require £100.00 to reserve the date for you. For all other services we require a £10.00 deposit. 

  • Should your assigned photographer be detained or unexpectedly unavailable we will ensure a replacement member of staff is available for you. 

  • The balance of wedding packages must be paid by the final consultation meeting. For all other package we can take payment on the day of the shoot.

  • Payments can be made via cash, BACS or paypal. Please ask your photographer or contact us for details. 

  • Your photographer will advise you of the expected date for the delivery of your images. All digital wedding and event images will be delivered within 30 days of the event. 

  • Failure to attend your booking or cancellation within 1 week prior to the booking may result in you being invoiced for the full amount due. 

  • All digital images and other digital material shall remain the exclusive copyrighted property of Paintbox Media Group and the client shall have no ownership or other rights in such images or other material. It is hereby expressly agreed that Paintbox Media Group shall have the exclusive right to use such images or other materials for display, publication, competition or other purposes as determined in the sole discretion of Paintbox Media Group. 

  • It is understood that upon delivery of digital images the client is granted permission to produce copies but that all copies, printed and digital, shall only be for the private and personal use of the client. In no event shall the client or any other person, other than Paintbox Media Group, make copies for the purpose of sale or publication and in no event shall the client or any other person, other than Paintbox Media Group, sell or publish any photographs or images provided by Paintbox Media Group (or any copies thereof).

Terms and conditions