Killer Experiment

Psychological thriller from Paintbox Media Ltd.

Caitlin's (Jordane Wright) night out takes a turn for the worse when she finds herself bundled into a car and taken to a filthy 'man-cave'.
Taped up and vulnerable she realises no one knows she's been kidnapped and the only way to survive is to comply. Thinking she can trust Mike (Liam Wyatt) and Jack (Marcus Carroll) to aid an escape she does as they request but quickly realises Chris (Pete Kijek) isn't going to give her up that easily.
How far will this kidnap go?

Produced and directed by award-winning Sally Martin, starring Pete Kijek, Liam Wyatt, Marcus Carroll and Jordane-Jade Wright this thriller is full of turns.
Shot entirely in Torfaen, South Wales and funded through private donation.
"Killer Experiment" was released on Firday 13th September 2019.

"Creativity with a difference"

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