On the job

  • Keep us updated. If you change your measurements or appearance please let us know and send us new images. Paintbox Media Group offers head shot packages and a discounted "top up" package should you require it. 
  • Singers, crew and performers supplying their own equipment for a job should ensure that all electrical equipment has an up to date PAT certificate. They should also ensure that they have the relevant insurance in place. 


Thank you for registering to be represented by Paintbox Media Group

​Fees & Commission

  • All bookings are subject to a  booking fee of 10%.  We do not charge any other costs. 
  • By registering with Paintbox Media Group , we are under no obligation to book you for work. We are under no obligation to continue booking you should you break our Terms & Conditions / Code of Conduct. We reserve the right to remove you from the active database at any time without notification. 
  • By agreeing to these terms, you agree that you ARE legally entitled to work in the UK. Therefore we MUST hold a valid form of ID for you. We are unable to offer you work until we have a valid form of ID for you and details of your U.K. National Insurance number.
  • Paintbox Media Group are NOT your employer, you work through us on a self-employed basis. We DO NOT deduct tax or National Insurance – it is your responsibility to declare your own tax and National Insurance contributions, equally it is up to you to retain the paperwork we send you and your sign-out chits as we cannot issue statements.
  • We require all acts/ persons registered to hold a current DBS or basic disclosure certificate. This should be send to us to hold on file for clients. 
  • All payments are made via BACS so please ensure we have current bank details for you. For payments where we collect the fee on your behalf we will ensure payment is released to you within 24 hours of us reciving it and the 10% commission will be taken at source. Where payments are made directly to you we will issue an invoice for the commission to be paid on to us. You must ensure this is completed within 14 days of the contract. 
  • Fees vary from each job. You will be notified of the expected fee prior to confirmation of the booking to ensure you are happy with the wage you will recieve. 
  • When you are on a job through Paintbox Media Group you are representing us as a company and are expected to behave appropriately. 
  • Mobile phones should be switched off or on silent and usage must be kept to a minimum. 
  • Do not take anything personal or valuable with you. Paintbox Media Group, nor the client can not be held responsible for loss or damage to your possessions while on a job. 
  • Social media regulations vary. If you are a performer for an event then please , feel free to advertise your attendance on social media however, if you are an actor/ actress then rules apply due to the confidentiality of the script and production. It is best practice to avoid social media posts regarding locations, costumes, other artists present or script/ storyline details. No matter how innocent you think your post is it can have serious consequences. 
  • Do not ask for selfies or autographs from any guest artist you may come in contact with. 
  • Smoking and vaping must be confined to the allocated areas away from the job. If you are working as a chaperone then this activity must not take place within sight of any child whilst ensuring that a regulatory quota of licenced adults are with the children. 

Getting Work

  • You will usually recieve a text, email or occasionally contact via Facebook. 
  • Open castings are advertised on our Facebook page so make sure you have "liked" the page. 
  • First contact will often be an availability check. If you are chosen for the job then you will be contacted again with a booking confirmation and contract of work. 
  • We expect you to honour a confirmed booking. Cancelling at last minute or simply not arriving to a job is extremely unprofessional (except in dire emergencies). It reflects badly on us as a company and could affect your furture job offers. 
  • When we offer a job we will tell you the hours a client has specified however, productions do sometimes run over and you must be prepared to stay on a little later so be cautious of booking commitments for the evening or later in the day. 
  • The amount of work you get depends on many variables such as your transport, skill set, experience and clients. We can not guarentee work but will do our best to represent you for any appropriate job that comes in. 
  • Please ensure you are able to get to a job on time. Make allowances for weather, volume of traffic, parking etc. If you have any difficulty you must contact us immediately so we can let the client know of your delay. 
  • If there is a change or cancellation of your booking we will inform you immediately and you must confirm that you have recieved this change. 
  • We do not contract you to work with us on an exclusive deal so you are free to register with other agencies and accept work through them however, if you work a production or job through us then you are only to work for that job  through us for future dates. This clause stands for 12 months from the last booking. 
  • If you are approached directly while at a job to work the same production then you must direct them to us. 

Your responsibilities